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Oh My! Omaha – A Parents’ Guide to Omaha – Read blog/review The Best Children’s Books About Prematurity

This book is one of my favorites to read aloud. It is the perfect length to keep the attention of young children without dragging on. It has beautiful words and illustrations that are special to not only preemies, but all babies, mothers, nurses, and caregivers. It is a wonderful book for anyone whose life has been touched by the birth of a premature baby. It hits on such a serious subject in a delicate way. The words flow as they tell the struggles faced by preemie babies. In the end it demonstrated just how ‘mighty’ those small humans really are. Buy this for yourself or someone you know. You won’t regret it. -Claire

This is an incredibly sweet book, written with so much love from Mrs. Nolan. I purchased two so I could send one of them as a gift to a cousin who had delivered her baby girl earlier than expected. I know my cousin will love it as much as I do. -Jill

A great gift for any parent who has a premature baby. I’ve experienced the struggle and anxious nights of wondering if the baby (and mommy) will be okay. This book made me cry. Beautiful in its simplicity and heartfelt in its depth. Highly recommended. -Ashley

Amazing book for any mother of a preemie baby. Beautifully illustrated. -Anonymous

Super sweet story, lovely illustrations, and a message that hit close to home. Has religious content, but mostly sentiments from a mother to her child. -A. Lucas

Such a great read. A very inspirational story that gives hope to all of our little ones, and the parents fighting just as hard. Highly recommended even for those without preemies. -Bethany

Beautiful book! It brought tears to the eyes of a very special preemie momma who is near and dear to my heart. A wonderful find for such a special occasion! Thank you! -Alex

I received this as a gift. I loved it so much I bought it for a NICU mom I met while going back and forth to visit my preemie son in the hospital. As a preemie mom I highly recommend this storybook. -Kim

Opened book with heart